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Little Girl Lost - Maaya's Story

What would you do if your family disappeared one day, never to return?  Where would you go?   How would you survive?   How long would you wait, hoping against hope, that they’d come back?

JCN Cats - Then & Now

11th of March this week marked the sixth anniversary of the 2011 natural & nuclear disasters in northeastern Japan.

Rehoming a Rescued Cat or Kitten in Japan

See a stray cat or kitten in need and want to help? Doing the kind thing offers a very rewarding experience, and is usually much easier than you might think. Since you may well be this cat or kitten’s only chance, this is a very worthy undertaking. Though it takes a bit of effort and patience, we’ve seen many expats and visitors successfully find excellent homes for kittens and cats that they have rescued here in Japan. If you’ve found a kitty in need, here are some tips and cautions on finding their forever home!

From Fukushima With Love

Roosters and Ripples

It's been busy weeks for our shelter in Inawashiro! For me as well...I’m teaching again, and supporting school programs, while trying to also help support JCN group admin. Some of my former elementary school students are currently working on a project to fund rescue efforts in Fukushima, by working on some original cat artwork! More about that in weeks to come.

Happy Cows!

As the fourth anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in northern Japan approaches, I once again find myself grateful for another year helping in Tohoku, and for our continuing presence in Inawashiro. I love our little shelter there, and I am so proud of the wonderful people that work together to keep it going! This past weekend expanded our team and found us helping cows AND cats! I've recently returned to work teaching away from the shelter, so for me, this meant a chance for a road trip to Fukushima. I couldn't have asked for better car companions, a better soundtrack, or better winter scenery! Highway service areas provided the usual helpful information :-) I think I laughed more along this trip than I have in a long time!

3 Legs, But Still Standing

Amano san and I set off for Namie together, stopping off at the 100 yen store for raincoats, on the way out. I hadn’t noticed the dark skies when we left the shelter that morning, or I would have brought one along. By the time we had moved the food to Amano san’s van, it had already started to drizzle, and juggling cat food along with an umbrella last time had proven to be a bit dangerous.

Out and About

(Originally posted by Selena) It’s still cold as crikey up in the radioactive north, but spring is starting to rear its head, for which I am hella grateful.

Foster a Friend – Nicki

(Originally posted by Selena) Sweet Nicki is a beautiful grey and white girl found in the evacuated area of Namie, Fukushima. She came running up to us extremely hungry, and chowed down while telling us loudly about her personal problems. She was so friendly and personable that we were able to scoot her into a carrier from the road, skipping the cat trap altogether.

Hime and Poppy

(Originally posted by Selena) Hime and Poppy have come to stay for a bit. These rambunctious pups are about three months old, and come from the Namie area of Fukushima. Actually, we know their owner – a guy who has helped us on numerous occasions to pick up and care for his evacuated neighbors’ dogs.