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ZZZ [ADOPTED] Sol + Luna

Adopt or Foster
Gender Male
Status Adopt or Foster

Sol was adopted with his sister Luna in March of 2021. Thier mother, Ceilo, was adopted by another loving family.

Sol was just a few weeks old when he and his family were discovered living in a trash-filled garage in Tochigi.  His mother, Cielo, was desperately trying to protect her babies from their hostile human neighbours by hiding her little ones in a nearby dumpster.  Local rescuers initially pulled four babies from the trash, and two of the kittens were placed in the care of local families.  Efforts were then made to locate a trap to rescue their mother.  Cielo anxiously watched from afar, and when the opportunity arose, she slipped back into the the rescuer's home through an open window and returned her remaining two babies to the dumpster.  After a long and harrowing week of trying to save the little family, JCN volunteers were able to rescue mom Cielo, and babies, Sol and Luna, and bring them to our Tokyo shelter.

Sol is a very sweet and friendly little boy.  He loves to play, pounce, and wrestle with his sister, Luna.  The two kittens are the best of friends, and it would be wonderful if they could find a home where they could grow up together.  Sol is currently staying in a foster home in Kanagawa, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE: Early April 2020

INTAKE DATE: 24 May 2020