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Gender Female
Status Adopted

ADOPTED 2/14/2019

     Larissa was just six months old when she was found near Kyoto station, after a tourist reported a large colony of cats living near a dangerous road in front of a hotel.  Larissa was one of eight cats and kittens JCN managed to rescue in the area.  She has become a very playful little girl, who spends her days chasing and pouncing alongside her foster brother.   Larissa will do pretty much anything for food.  As a result of her early life surviving on the streets, she will eat anything and everything, but she is also careful to practice good manners.  She might not steal food off your plate, but she will certainly be hopeful that you will offer her a handout!  

Because of her early traumatic experiences as a stray, Larissa is somewhat cautious around humans. She loves to lay nearby people, but sudden movements will startle her, and she is still learning that petting and human touch are good things.  She will need a patient caregiver to work with her on socialization and help her learn to trust and enjoy human attention.  As she is still very young and curious, there is every reason to believe that with time and effort, she can and will become more sociable.  Larissa is currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  Late March 2017

INTAKE DATE:  1 October 2017