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ZZZ [ADOPTED] Kona (Re-named Haku)

Gender Male
Status Adopted

ADOPTED with Chai on 9/27/2019

     At just 6 weeks, Kona and his three siblings were found orphaned and struggling to survive in the ruins of an abandoned shed in Niihama, Ehime where a small cat colony had taken refuge.  Already distrustful of humans, Kona proved difficult to catch, and continued to elude his would-be rescuer for three days before finally being trapped and taken to join his brother, Chai, in Kyoto.  Sadly, despite extensive efforts, the other two of the kittens were never caught.  Like his brother, Kona transformed into a fluffy and cuddly ball of love once he realized he was safe and loved.  Although he can still be a bit shy and skittish at times, Kona enjoys snuggles and curling up in a cozy lap.  He is a playful and energetic little boy who is closely bonded with his brother, Chai.  When he is scared or nervous, Kona looks to Chai for comfort.  The two kittens are looking for a home where they can grow up together.  Kona is currently staying in a foster home in Kyoto, but he can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  Late April 2019

INTAKE DATE:  8 June 2019