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Adopted Unknown Prognosis
Gender Male
Health Unknown Prognosis
Status Adopted

ADOPTED on 3/14/2020

     Kiseki means 'miracle', and this brave little boy certainly lives up to his name.  Kiseki was just weeks old when he and sisters Spitfire and Suki were rescued from a cat colony in Kyoto.  Little Kiseki had somehow suffered serious head trauma and needed emergency care if he were to have any hope at all of survival. His head was caked in leaking cerebral fluid and it was obvious that whatever tragedy had befallen him had happened days earlier.  His mother, realizing that her kitten was fatally injured, had effectively abandoned him and turned her affections to his sisters. 

How this baby boy managed to live long enough to be rescued remains a mystery.  We immediately sought veterinary care for Kiseki in Kyoto, however, the vet felt that Kiseki was beyond saving at that point.  But Kiseki showed such a strong will to survive, that we decided we couldn't give up on him without at least seeking out a second opinion.  We raced Kiseki to Tokyo, with Spitfire and Suki accompanying their baby brother on the long journey.  Once in Tokyo, it was discovered that Kiseki was, in fact, missing part of his skull.   Kiseki was hospitalized and lovingly cared for by the hospital staff until he regained sufficient strength to undergo a high-risk brain surgery.   Again, this brave miracle boy made it through surgery and began to thrive!

Kiseki is an incredibly loving and affectionate little boy.  He adores his foster siblings and despite all his early trauma, he loves to run and play like any other kitten.  Nothing can hold this guy back!  He is savouring every moment of his life!  Because of what he has been through, care needs to be taken to make sure that Kiseki doesn't bump his head.  He does have some vision loss and can be more clumsy than other cats at times.  He is a bit smaller than most kittens his age, and we suspect that he may have some cognitive delays.  Kiseki  will need a very special family that understands that there are still some unknowns about how Kiseki's injury will affect him as he grows older.  This little boy is a fighter, though, and deserves the best life has to offer.  Kiseki is currently staying in a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE: Mid May 2019

INTAKE DATE:  8 July 2019