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ZZZ [ADOPTED] Kathleen

Gender Female
Status Adopted

ADOPTED with Kolton on 4/15/2020

     Kathleen was rescued by JCN volunteers from the Sugimoto feral cat colony in Kyoto, a site where some 23 cats and kittens struggled to survive in abandoned and delapidated buildings set to soon be demolished.  Several members of the community were vehemently opposed to the presence of the local cats, and, sadly, Kathleen and the other kitties faced abuse and cruelty on a daily basis.  Kathleen is full of energy and just LOVES to play and play and play!  She is very outgoing and friendly, and just a cuddly sweetheart.  She is closely bonded with her brother, Kolton, and we would love to see them be able to grow up together.  Kathleen is currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo and can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  Late July 2017

INTAKE DATE:  26 December 2017