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Gender Male
Status Adopted

ADOPTED with Holiday on 9/4/2020

     Helmet and his brothers, Natto and Holiday, were barely 4 weeks old when they were suddenly and cruelly orphaned. 

A couple of months earlier, their mother, Abby, had been rescued from the streets of Chiba.  Old and sick, it was obvious that she had been forced to raise litter after litter on the streets, and now she was pregnant again.  Except this time was supposed to be different.  This, we promised, would be her last pregnancy, and she would be spayed and adopted into a loving home as soon as her little ones were weaned.   Abby gave birth to her 3 baby boys in a foster home and quickly proved herself a diligent and extremely loving mother.  

Unfortunately, it was not to be.  While the foster family quickly fell in love with the babies, they showed no interest or care towards Abby and wanted her gone as soon as possible.  JCN made arrangements to move the little family elsewhere, but it was too late.  Abby had already "disappeared", or so we were told.  The foster family refused to help, or even answer any questions, and did everything they could to hamper our search for the kittens' mother, showing little regard for the three orphaned babies that were now struggling to survive without her.   Under the guidance of our veterinarian and our volunteers that worked hard to nurse these babies back to health, the babies began to thrive again.  

Abby's whereabouts are still unknown, but her spirit lives on in her sweet baby boys.   Helmet is always full of things to say.  He is a very cuddly little man, who loves to be held and give kisses!  This kitten is a purr machine and works overtime to smother everyone around him with affection. Sometimes he can get a bit over-zealous with his affection, though, and he needs to be reminded about nipping.   He gets along well with both cats and dogs and is comfortable with children.

Helmet is currently staying in a foster home in Kanto, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  20 July 2019

INTAKE DATE:  Born in a foster home