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Gender Female
Status Adopted

ADOPTED 8/21/2018

  Fay was found in a particularly desolate area in one of the most strictly restricted evacuation zones of Fukushima.   She has a warm heart, deep down, but she has a hard time trusting humans and can be aggressive if she feels threatened. Although she will occasionally deign to play, she is usually found snuggled up in a her favourite cubby hole where she feels most safe and secure. Fay prefers a hands-off approach from most humans, but can sometimes be persuaded to accept treats from the hand of someone she has learned to trust.   With her favourite volunteers, she has even been known to enjoy strokes and pets.  Once she has come to trust you, she will purr when being scratched on the head.  Fay has so much potential and really wants to be loved, but it does not come easy for her.  She needs a special family willing to give her lots of time and space and that are willing to accept that socialization may always present a challenge for Fay.  Fay is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Kyoto, but can be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.


INTAKE DATE: 13 January 2013