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ZZZ [ADOPTED] Einstein (Re-named Hana)

Gender Female
Status Adopted

ADOPTED with Felix on 7 May 2018    

    At just 4 weeks of age, Einstein, alongside her siblings, Felix and Laura, was found abandoned and alone near a hotel in Kyoto.  Although JCN has an ongoing TNR project in the area, we were not able to locate their mother, and we suspect they miraculously somehow managed to survive on their own for several days.  Upon rescue, all three little ones were weak, severely malnourished, and infested with fleas, but with the loving care of JCN volunteers, they have become playful and happy babies. While Einstein has had ongoing health issues resulting from a severe upper respiratory virus, she has improved a lot, and we are hopeful she will continue to do well.  She will, however, require a family committed to closely observing her to make sure she stays healthy.  Einstein is closely bonded with her brother, Felix.  She often looks to Felix for reassurance, and follows her brother everywhere.  When she gets scared, she tries to pretend she is brave by giving a silent hiss, but no sound comes out!  With beautifully soft fur, this baby girl is just a tiny ball of fluff with an incredible purr.  Einstein is currently staying in a foster home in Kyoto, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  Early September 2017

INTAKE DATE:  9 October 2017