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Gender Male
Status Adopted

ADOPTED with Hime on 10/30/2019

     Bandit was part of a stray cat colony wandering the streets of Iwaki, Fukushima.  Luckily, a kind rescuer took him in and nursed him back to health.  Bandit is a very friendly and affectionate little boy who loves to play.  He often seems more like a dog than a cat, and regularly follows his people around the house seeking out all the extra cuddles he can get :)  Bandit is a very gentle kitty and has proven himself an excellent companion for children.

He is quite the chatterbox and will regale his audience with tales of all his latest adventures.  Unfortunately, it is this talkativeness that has resulted in Bandit losing foster and adoptive homes.  He has sadly been passed around a lot lately, and has started to feel a bit anxious and unsettled.  He needs a family that is comfortable with a cat that meows and is willing to accept him for who he is, a family that understands that it may take some time for Bandit to relax and realize that he isn't going to be forced to move again if he talks too much.  Bandit is an incredibly sweet guy who has so much love to give!  He just needs the right person to give him the chance.  Bandit is currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.


INTAKE DATE:  17 June 2018