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Gender Female
Status Adopted

Troy was adopted with her JCN buddy Peep in April 2021.

Troy, along with her two siblings, was found starving and in bad condition by Fukushima evacuees. Her two siblings have since been adopted, and Troy is now healthy and eagerly awaiting her turn for a forever family.  Troy is a shy and cautious little girl, but her goofy personality shines through when the toys come out. She loves chasing and rolling around with anything that moves, including shadows. She's especially fond of chasing her tail! She likes to spend her days laying in her cat tree and watching the world go by...  If she's not there, just check the nearest cardboard box!  She gets along wonderfully with other cats and enjoys running and playing with her foster sister.  She can become very lonely if she doesn't have a feline friend to hang out with, so she needs a home where she will be able to enjoy the company of another kitty.  She's more discerning when it comes to making human friends, but will be happy with someone who understands that dried fish treats and face massages should be given daily. She had a tough start in life and may seem unfriendly at first, but with patience, you'll soon win her trust and find her meowing for attention or crawling into bed for some early morning cuddles.

Troy gets along well with other cats and does best in a home with feline companions.  She was adopted by a family in 2018, however, when the couple's marriage disintegrated, she sadly lost her home.  Her best friend is Peep, and the two kitties are looking for new family together. Troy is currently staying in a foster home Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan. 

BIRTHDATE: April 2013?

INTAKE DATE: Early September 2013

お腹を空かせて避難者の方々のご自宅近くをさまよっていたところを発見されたトロイ。 一緒にいた2匹のいとこ猫たちはすでにもらわれていき、彼女だけが今なお定住の地を探しています。正直、撫でられるのはちょっと苦手。いつもはケージの中で静かに佇み、なかなか外に出てきてくれないシャイな女の子です。そんな彼女が人への信用を取り戻すのにはまだ時間がかかりそうですが、もし愛情をもって長い目でリラックスさせてあげることができれば、きっとその距離も縮まることでしょう。トロイの仲良しは、ペタル(♀)とサイモン(♂) 。もし彼らが一緒に暮らせるところが見つかれば、それ以上に素晴らしいことはありません。ちなみにトロイはお魚のおやつに目がありません。