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Adopt Dental Issues ; Thyroid Issues
Gender Female
Health Dental Issues ; Thyroid Issues
Status Adopt

Tsuki showed up one day at the JCN outdoor feeding station in Kyoto.  Over the next several weeks, it became increasingly clear that Tsuki was homeless, a life on the streets having taken a significant toll on this sweet little moon cat.  She was very thin, sick, and covered with fleas, her beautiful white fur having turned a filthy grey.  With the loving care of our volunteer team, Tsuki has improved tremendously.   Tsuki can sometimes be nervous and fearful around new people, so we believe she may have suffered some abuse during her years as a stray.  While initially quite shy, as she began to trust some of the volunteers, we discovered she wanted desperately to connect with people and was remarkably friendly with those she knew.  We suspect that at some point Tsuki had a home and a family, but was lost or abandoned long ago.  No one has stepped forward to claim her, and the local area is comprised primarily of elderly residents, so it is very possible that her caregiver has passed away. 

Many of Tsuki's teeth were severely decayed and subsequently extracted.  At times, it can be painful for her to eat, however, and her weight needs to be carefully monitored to ensure she is eating enough.  She has recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which is a common condition in older kitties, and can be easily managed with medication. Tsuki has proven herself an incredibly loving and affectionate kitty.  She enjoys cuddling in laps and purring.  Tsuki has had many adventures over the years, and she loves to recount these for anyone who will listen.  This girl can be quite the chatterbox, and has loads of love to give :)   Beautiful Tsuki missed out on so many pets and snuggles over the years and she is eager to make up for it now.  At night, she likes to nestle in bed with her foster mom.  Tsuki is currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  2009/2010 ?

INTAKE DATE: Late September 2017