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Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Status Adopt or Foster

Spitfire was just weeks old when she, sister Suki, and brother Kiseki, were rescued from a cat colony in Kyoto.  Little Kiseki had been gravely injured and needed emergency care in Tokyo, so Spitfire and Suki accompanied their baby brother on the long journey.  While Kiseki was hospitalized and would later undergo brain surgery, Spitfire and Suki came into the care of JCN.

Spitfire loves hanging out out with her kitty friends, and she and Suki can often be found cuddling up with their newfound big buddies, Chibi and Tart.  Spitfire and Suki would do very well in a home with other cats!  Having had little experience with humans during a critical period in their development, the girls can be very shy and skittish. Spitfire, in particular, is still learning to enjoy being touched and handled, so she would need a very special family willing to give her lots of time and space and continue to work with her on socialization.   Spitfire is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Tokyo, but can be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE: Mid May 2019

INTAKE DATE:  7 July 2019