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Adopt or Foster
Gender Male
Status Adopt or Foster

Rupert was rescued from inside the evacuated zone of Fukushima in the spring of 2012.  He is a shy cat, who enjoys high places and observing the world from a bird's eye view.  He has a fondness for fish treats, but prefers to wait until they're placed right in front of him, rather than risk leaving the safety of his lofty perch.  Rupert doesn't like to be handled or touched, and he finds quick human movements unnerving .  He is well-loved by the other cats, however, who see him as a strong protector and shower him with snuggles, particularly Tom.  Rupert is also good friends with Penny, and the two can often be found together.  After being separated for a time, Rupert immediately greeted Penny, eager to be reunited.  Rupert needs a family willing to give him lots of time and space to understand that interacting with humans can be worth the risk.  Rupert is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Inawashiro, but can be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.


INTAKE DATE:  6 April 2012