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Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Status Adopt or Foster

Petal was rescued as an older kitten from inside the evacuated exclusion zone in Fukushima.  JCN volunteers worked hard to socialize her, and over time, Petal has blossomed into a calm flower.  She occasionally likes to play, but, for the most part, she prefers to just relax and enjoy the company of her kitty companions.  Petal gets along very well with other cats.  Her best friend is Simon, and these two buddies are never far apart!  Afternoon is her friendliest and most playful time of the day, but you can win Petal over any time with some yummy fish treats.  Although Petal can still be a bit shy around strangers, she is a sweet kitty, who is very friendly with the people she knows.  Petal and Simon are currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE: November 2011

INTAKE DATE:  29 April 2012