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Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Status Adopt or Foster

Penny is quite timid around humans and it takes a great deal of time and patience to win her trust.  Penny and Rupert are good friends and can often be found together. After being separated for a time, Rupert immediately greeted Penny, eager to be reunited.  Penny likes to be in charge and she is very careful to make sure all the other cats around her realize just who that boss is!  Penny will sometimes play a little with string and eat treats, but she needs to be approached slowly.  When she is in a good mood, she will occasionally allow her favourite people to stroke her beautifully soft fur.  She tries hard not to let it show just how much she enjoys this human attention, but we know your secret, Penny!   She needs a family willing to give her lots of time and space.  Penny is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Inawashiro, but can be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.