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Adopt or Foster
Gender Male
Status Adopt or Foster

Peep was rescued after he was found hungry and wandering an evacuated area of Fukushima.  He  is a sweet cat, but can be shy at times, particularly with new people.  Once he comes to know and trust someone, however, he can be very affectionate.  Peep does love cuddles, although he is sometimes afraid to show it.  He particularly enjoys having the top of his head stroked.  His favorite place is lounging on his special chair in the outdoor netted enclosure or in one of his secret hiding places.   He doesn’t play a lot, but occasionally he will get in the mood for some fun!  He is generally a quiet cat with a very soft adorable meow. 

Peep gets along well with the other cats, and needs to be in a home where he will have another kitty as a companion.  He was adopted by a family in 2018, however, when the couple's marriage disintegrated, he sadly lost his home.  His best friend is Troy, and the two kitties are looking for new family together. Peep is currently staying in a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.


INTAKE DATE:  23 November 2013