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Adopt Chronic Nasal Congestion
Gender Male
Health Chronic Nasal Congestion
Status Adopt

    Milo was rescued by two tourists from the streets of Osaka. He was sick and in a lot of pain at the time, and has since had several teeth removed.  Despite his past, Milo is an extremely friendly cat with so much love to give. He is very smart and enjoys trying to figure things out - Scavenger hunts for hidden treats could be a favourite past time for this feline scholar.  Milo still considers himself a kitten at heart and loves to play, run and jump...  Not to mention cuddles from his favorite human!  Hugs are Milo's specialty, and he will jump on his foster mom's back to get a cuddle if she forgets to give him one as soon as she gets home!  This is a cat that loves any type of human interaction. He loves love, loves to play, loves to be anywhere near people.  Milo is very gentle and we feel he would do wonderfully in a family with children.

 Because of the difficulties of his early life, Milo has chronic upper respiratory issues, resulting in nasal congestion from time to time.  Medication can help to alleviate some of the symptoms when these flare-ups occur, however, they often seem to resolve on their own, and Milo has not had to see the vet much more than any other cat.  Milo is a wonderfully sweet and outgoing little boy who is so looking forward to a home of his own.  Milo is currently staying at a foster home in Tokyo, but can be available for adoption in other parts of Japan.


INTAKE DATE: 23 May 2017