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Midnight Star

Adopt or Foster
Gender Female
Status Adopt or Foster


     Midnight Star spent the first years of her life in a Fukushima brothel, where she was used to keep down the resident rodent population.   In early 2019, one of the brothel workers contacted JCN in desperation: The brothel owner had discovered Midnight Star's most recent litter of kittens and was threatening to throw the babies into the forest to die.  Two little ones were already unaccounted for. They begged us to take mom and the remaining three kittens before it was too late, and a JCN supporter immediately headed out to the area.  Unfortunately, on arrival, the brothel workers refused to hand over Midnight Star or allow us to spay her.  Her three small kittens were rescued and subsequently adopted into loving families; although JCN continued to advocate for spaying and vet care for mom, her caregivers refused all our attempts to help. 

In September 2019, the brothel workers contacted us again.  This time, Midnight Star had given birth to six kittens, and again the brothel owner was planning to abandon the tiny newborns in the forest to die.  After much negotiation, they finally agreed to surrender Midnight Star, along with her babies, to JCN.  The little family was brought to a Tokyo foster home where mom could raise her little ones in safety.  

Midnight Star has since been spayed and now spends her days watching her last brood of babies grow up.  A dedicated and loving mother to sons Ash, Pretzel, Pepper, and Pom, and daughters Calico and Coco,  Midnight Star keeps herself busy!  She is an affectionate and loving cat, who easily makes friends with both humans and kitties.  

Midnight Star is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Tokyo, but may be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE: 2016? 2017?

INTAKE DATE:  29 September 2019