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Adopt or Foster Chronic Nasal Congestion
Gender Male
Health Chronic Nasal Congestion
Status Adopt or Foster

Banjo was emaciated and close to death when he was rescued from a stray cat colony in Kobe.  A severe upper respiratory infection had taken its toll on his little body as he desperately fought to survive.  It has been a long and hard-won battle for him to regain his health, but with good nutrition, medication, and loving care, Banjo is now doing much better.  Banjo does continue to experience episodes of nasal congestion from time to time. Using a nebulizer daily has helped to improve his quality of life.  

Banjo is and extremely friendly kitty and gets along well with humans, felines, and canines as well.  Banjo's sweet and gentle demeanor wins over the hearts of everyone he meets, and he has become a favourite with the shelter volunteers.  Banjo is currently staying at the JCN shelter in Tokyo, but can be available for foster care or adoption in other parts of Japan.

BIRTHDATE:  2015? 2016?

INTAKE DATE:  22 May 2019