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Volunteer under the spotlight: Emilie

In order to thank our amazing volunteers, we have decided to start introducing them to you. Today, our volunteer under the spotlight is our JCN Inawashiro manager Emilie.

Emilie comes from France where she lived with her black cat, Wesker, and black dog, Stacy. She grew up in a farm so we can say that she has always been surrounded by animals(and loves it!). She studied Japanese at university and also worked for a French animal shelter. With all that experience, Susan and Cheryl thought she would be the perfect person to help running JCN Inawashiro shelter.

It has been a month since she arrived in Inawashiro to become the manager and she is doing great despite the cold weather. She quickly get to know the pets and is now very proactive in the welfare of our rescued cats and dogs.

“I chose to come to Inawashiro because I wanted to get more work experience with animals but also to improve my level of English and Japanese. It had been a long time since I considered going to work in Japan and JCN gave me the chance to fulfill both of my dreams. Of course, I have rules to follow and responsibilities but the work is really not that difficult and the nice atmosphere make you quickly feel at home. Being in a “small” shelter is great to really know each animal individually: I have more time to spend with each of them and therefore I am closer to them.”

After her stay in Japan, she would like to come back to France to become dog-handler.

We wish you all the best for the future Emilie and hope you enjoy your stay at JCN shelter.

Author: Helene

Helene is a 25-year-old from France who loves cats. When she was a child, her dream was to rescue all the animals in the world, take care of them and find them a fur-ever family. She is fulfilling her little girl's dream thanks to JCN, where she has been volunteering since October 2016.

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