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Shelter News: July

Hello JCN supporters, We hope you all have had a splendid week so far! The volunteers at JCN have been on their feet for the last couple of weeks, with not a moment to breath. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening at the bustling JCN shelter in the quaint town of Inawashiro.

#1: Addy’s Surgery
As some of you may remember, our princess Addy had some severe tooth problems in June. The vet predicted several tooth extractions and scheduled an appointment for it. Thankfully, however, the day the volunteers took her for the appointment, a deep cleaning of her teeth did the trick and she didn't need the extensive extractions. Since then, she has been feeling much better and can eat normally again!

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#2: Summer Ticks
Unfortunately, both Addy and Chacha have been really plagued with ticks this summer. Luckily for us, Emily is experienced in removing ticks and has been removing them daily after every walk. Because of all the ticks and Addy's complicated medical history, we took Addy to the vet for blood and heartworm testing and then were able to get her medication to help deter the ticks.

#3: New intakes

Stitch: A few weeks ago, a man brought an abandoned cat he'd found in a parking lot, to our shelter. Although we ordinarily wouldn't accept surrenders at the shelter, in this particular case, the volunteers felt they had no choice. Poor Stitch was emaciated!

With loving care, he has recovered well. He has now been vaccinated and will be neutered soon. The man that found him has since visited the shelter to thank us for taking in Stitch. He's also been donating food and other items for his care. Stitch is a young and extremely people-friendly cat, so we are not certain as to whether he was abandoned or simply lost. Just to be sure, the volunteers made "Found Cat" signs and distributed them in the area where he was rescued. We are still hoping for the unlikely possibility that we will be able to find his family. If not, he will be available for adoption soon.

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Koki and Kazu: Last week, Laura and Emily discovered two small kittens while they were walking the dogs one night. They could not see any signs of a mother cat and given their age and the location, it seemed very likely that they were purposefully abandoned there. Emily and Laura stayed out late that night trying to catch them. They were able to rescue Koki that night, but Kazu was too scared and they couldn't get him. They ended up having to leave Kazu behind, just taking Koki back to the shelter. The next day, they brought a kitten trap with them, and luckily, little Kazu was still in the area. Again, Laura and Emily stayed out late into the night, this time finally trapping Kazu, and reuniting the brothers back at the shelter.

Both boys were malnourished and covered in fleas, but are now doing well. They went for their first vet visit a few days ago and were vaccinated. They also tested negative for FeLV and FIV.

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#4 Volunteers & The Shelter

Lately, there have been a lot of volunteer departures as well as arrivals. Last week, we said goodbye to one of our long-term volunteers, Laura. Keep your eyes peeled on the page to read about her experience at the shelter!

It’s so important for the volunteers to work hard and do their very best to make sure the furry friends at the shelter are well taken care of. A part of this includes reworking parts of the house that need repairing and deep cleaning. The volunteers spent some time in fixing parts of the shelter and made space for the generous donations.

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The massive wheel shown below has been a hit with the kitties in Room B. Some play on it, while the lazy ones use it for some relaxing and sleeping. Thank you JCN supporters, for your incredible donations!

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As you’ve read in our last couple of posts, we’ve had several new cats at the shelter. This means, there’s been an increase in the need of funds. Get in touch with us to know how you can help out or consider making a donation at https://japancatnetwork.org/donate.

Author: Himanshi Shah

social media reporter

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