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New Homes for Winter & Claude (Shelter Update)

Toilet trouble meant a messy start to the week, but with two cats in new foster homes we've still got plenty to be happy about.

We had a bit of a sh*tty problem at the shelter this week. Not only did our septic tank reach max capacity, but our pipes needed work and the world-weary septic pump really needed to be retired. 

Litter trays don’t need plumbing but for our volunteers who clean them, plumbing is absolutely necessary. Luckily we had the 7 Eleven down the street to use while our own loo was on sick leave, but the repair cost left us feeling a lot like the toilet. We reached out for help, and are really grateful for the donors who have chipped in to help cover the bill. If you’d like to help, here’s our fundraiser page!

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Friday was time to say goodbye to our tireless volunteers from Spain, Montse and Ismael. We are incredibly thankful for the incredible energy and enthusiasm they’ve brought to the shelter. They’ve definitely left their mark in the great cleaning and organisation improvements they’ve made to shelter storage. Check back in our website on Wednesday to read more about them in our weekly volunteer spotlight.

We’d also like to welcome back Louise from Belgium, who came back a week after leaving her first volunteer stint because she loved being at the shelter that much! Three new faces joined us as well - volunteers Ben and Michael from the USA, and new admin intern Pierre from France.

Admin intern April (that’s me!) departed for Tokyo on Friday to take Winter and Claude to their new foster homes. They certainly did not enjoy having to take a trip in their carriers, but it was worth it for them to join new families. 

Winter is being fostered for about three months by wonderful JCN supporter Lee, who has fostered multiple cats since coming to Japan. Winter’s new foster brother, DC, was actually found by Lee on the street with a badly infected eye when he was just six months old. DC was very excited to meet his new friend. To give Winter a bit of space to get used to her new home, Lee, DC and Winter went for a walk around the neighbourhood. DC is more like a dog than a cat - he loves walking on a lead. His floppy, cuddly personality is a great match for Winter.

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Claude, the cat with the most impressive mustache at the shelter, is now being fostered by Mark. His new foster sister Cleo looks just like him, complete with Charlie Chaplin mustache. As soon as Claude was brought inside the door, they were talking to each other, Claude most likely complaining about how much he dislikes being in a cat carrier. Cleo is a former JCN rescue too, so they have lots in common to talk about!

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Fostering a pet is an incredible service to the animals who need our help. Shelters are only meant to be temporary homes for animals, as the very best place for pets to be is in a home. Taking on a pet short-term not only helps shelters, but helps pets by giving them the  best kind of environment and the opportunity to get used to home life before finding their forever home. If you’re in Japan and interested in temporarily fostering (or permanently adopting) a shelter cat from us, please contact us.

Author: April Broadbent

An Australian university student and Japan Cat Network intern, April enjoys debating, animal advocacy, and travelling.

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