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Megu, our cutie rescued dog

Today’s rescue pet is our lovely Megu.

Today’s rescue pet, that we want to highlight, is this cute little doggy called Megu. Megu (referred to as Megu-chan by the volunteers) first fell into the JCN family in June 2016. Megu currently lives at the Kyoto branch of JCN and is the only dog there. She likes eating and sitting on your lap. She is not the most playful of dogs but she certainly is loyal, always sticking close to the volunteers she likes and always eager to return back to the house after a nice walk.

The story goes that she was originally owned by a Chinese family who abandoned her when they left Japan. She was taken to a police station where they had planned to put the poor girl down but she was rescued by a lovely Japanese woman. The lady was a translator from English to Japanese and she couldn’t bare the thought of seeing this dog killed off because she had no home and so, took her in. She cared for her for a month but due to complications she had to give Megu away. She certainly didn’t want to hand Megu back to the police and so asked Susan and the people at JCN if they could take care of her. Susan graciously agreed to take care of her, originally only for a month but it eventually became forever, and so Megu became a prominent member of our family.

The volunteers loved Megu, so much in fact that one of them actually adopted her! The current manager of the Kyoto branch, Anna Mazé, had been here for all of Megu’s stay so far. She grew to know all of Megu’s traits and habits: what she liked, when she liked it and how to make her happy. In turn, Megu trusts Anna more than any other volunteer and always follows her everywhere. After 6 months and no one showing any interest in adopting the poor girl, Anna sent the request to Susan who agreed. Anna will continue on as the manager in Kyoto and so Megu will stick around in her now familiar, homely, environment receiving lots of love not only from her new owner but also all the volunteers who come to stay.

She may not be leaving anytime soon but at least Megu has found her own forever family to take care of her and give her lots of love.

Author: Helene

Helene is a 25-year-old from France who loves cats. When she was a child, her dream was to rescue all the animals in the world, take care of them and find them a fur-ever family. She is fulfilling her little girl's dream thanks to JCN, where she has been volunteering since October 2016.

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