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Kuro and Shiro

Today’s rescue pet (or in this case the plural pets) are Kuro and Shiro, two free-roaming cats.

As the names imply, Kuro is a lovely black cat with golden eyes where as Shiro is a white cat with a hint of orange on the face. Kuro is a female cat and Shiro is a male and they are the best of friends. They both originated from the same place and now live together close by the houses of Kyoto near the JCN. 


Unlike most of our other cats, Kuro and Shiro are in a weird situation. They don’t live within one of our shelters but rather wander freely around the area. They have a garden where we feed them and can socialize with them as well as a volunteer-built shelter in the garden of the volunteer house that they are free to come and go from as they please. The reason for this is down to their pasts. Originally they were both owned by the same masters but the house they were living in burnt down in April 2016. The two of them managed to escape but we never found out about what happened to their original owners. It is a sad tale and it left the two cats terrified of being indoors. When we tried to introduce them to our indoor shelter they clambered to escape and be free. It broke our hearts and in the end we had to let them roam free. They don’t go far so we can still take care of them and we even make them beds so they can live comfortably over the winter.


Kuro is very friendly, often seeking attention and cuddles from the volunteers. It does not require much to gain her trust, unlike Shiro who is very wary of anyone. Shiro tends to stay up in high places where people can’t easily pet him and will only come down for people he really trusts. One of these few people is a woman named Victoria who is a friend of JCN. She lives close by and the two cats adore her. They will follow her as if she was their owner and in turn she shows affection back to them. There is also a lovely elderly woman who owns a few local cats herself. These cats are friends with Kuro & Shiro and so she has no qualms with feeding them from time to time.


We don’t know if these two cats will ever get over their fears of the indoors but we know that they can gain a trust for humans once more. A bit of patience, love and care will go a long way with these two purr pals.

Author: Helene

Helene is a 25-year-old from France who loves cats. When she was a child, her dream was to rescue all the animals in the world, take care of them and find them a fur-ever family. She is fulfilling her little girl's dream thanks to JCN, where she has been volunteering since October 2016.

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