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Foster family needed for kitties !

A nice lady spotted a mummy at and her young babies on the street. We need to find them a foster family for winter.

Very often, people find cats on the street and ask us for help as they do not know what to do. We gladly help people help pets.

This week,  Ciara, an amazing cat lover, came to us: she spotted a mummy cat and her six kittens on the street in Kobe in Sannomiya. They all looked clean, healthy and approached her when she handed some treats. The kittens are not six months old. At this young age, it will be hard for them to survive the  upcoming cold winter. It is important that we find them a nice foster family to spend winter with. In addition, being in a foster family will enable us to neuter them (they need a place to recover after the surgery).

We need your help and generosity to find this cat family a nice foster home for winter.

Please spread the word and do not hesitate to contact JCN if you want to help.

Thanks in advance.

Author: Helene

Helene is a 25-year-old from France who loves cats. When she was a child, her dream was to rescue all the animals in the world, take care of them and find them a fur-ever family. She is fulfilling her little girl's dream thanks to JCN, where she has been volunteering since October 2016.

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