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A Forever Home Found! (Shelter Update)

Riker is adopted into a new family, Jim feeds cows in the evacuated zone, and volunteer Steve sets off on his next adventure.

A forever home for each and every animal at the JCN shelter is the most important goal of the care we can provide thanks to the fantastic, vital support of donors and volunteers. This week, that goal is one step closer thanks to a wonderful family in Kitakata. Riker, the cuddle king of our shelter, has been adopted!

His new family first found out about Japan Cat Network when they saw one of our flyers in the window of our favourite local burger joint Hero Burger. They were missing their two much-loved cats, who had passed away after long and spoilt lives of 18 and 19 years each. They visited our shelter and met our kitty residents. Our friendliest cats love meeting new people! Mari and I have visited Riker’s new family’s home and are very happy with his new life, getting all of the attention he loves.

Riker is an especially friendly cat - he’ll cuddle up to anyone at any time, including when there’s already a cat on someone’s lap. He shares his gentle nature with his much shyer but very sweet sisters Winter and Troy. These two are still waiting for their forever home with all of the other cats at the shelter - if you’re ready to give a forever home to a homeless kitty, fill out our adoption questionnaire to tell us a bit about yourself.

Okuma cows

The fantastic Jim has been back again, bringing more shelter supplies (including boxes of treats, dry food and tinned food for the cats and dogs). He’s also been bringing truckloads of produce to help feed cows in the evacuated town of Okuma. While parts of Okuma were recently re-opened for former residents to return, few have done so. The livestock which farmers unfortunately had to leave behind have been taken care of by dedicated volunteers.

You can read Susan’s account about her trip to help cows in Okuma here. It’s expensive to feed herds of hungry cows, so Jim’s fantastic donations make an incredible difference!

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On Saturday we said goodbye to shelter volunteer Steve from Australia. We’ll miss his fantastic cooking, weird habit of wandering out into the snow barefoot, and positive attitude to everything. He’s moved on to Tokyo to continue his working holiday adventure. Wishing Steve the best of luck for the rest of his year in Japan!

Author: April Broadbent

An Australian university student and Japan Cat Network intern, April enjoys debating, animal advocacy, and travelling.

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